Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I'd rather be dead than eat at McDonald's"

....that's what one of our protest signs read when I along with other animal rights activist use to protest in front of McDonald's on Mission St in Santa Cruz, CA when I was in college. When I was an undergrad I joined a group called, Banana Slugs for Animals, an animal rights group at UC Santa Cruz lead by Eric Deardorff, the Action Team Coordinator at PETA. 

You can't see me because Eric's 6ft frame is covering me, but I'm the one holding the red sign that says "McCruelty, I'm Hatin' It." 

This picture inspired this blog entry. I found it on Eric's Facebook page. I'm in the center of the photograph. 

We also use to protest at the local KFC, until it was shut down which was a major victory for animals. 

University of California, Santa Cruz!! Banana Slugs for Animals :) 

I have to admit though, since I've graduated college ( June 2011) I haven't attended any protests. For now, I'll use Internet to spread the word about animal cruelty. 

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