Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bad Puppy!

I'm beginning to notice that I have a habit of NOT cashing or depositing my paychecks immediately after I get them. My boss hands them to me every Friday-- I open it, smile, put inside my purse, drive home, and place my paycheck next to my other checks. Why? Well for starters, my shift usually ends right before the bank closes so there's no way I can deposit the money. Secondly, this is purely psychological but i feel like If I deposit at least two checks at once, I'll have "more" money. Irrational, I know--and very, very consequential.... 

Yesterday was my day off and my husband had a half day at work, so we decided to take advantage of our schedules by going to Petco to buy a few pet supplies. As I was upstairs getting ready I heard him greeting Sophie with a high-pitched voice, "HEY BABY!!! DID YOU MISS DADDY?! OOH MY PRETTY BABY! YOU'RE SO ADORABLE!" Suddenly his sunshine filled tone became worrisome and serious, "Babe, have you seen this?...." He went upstairs and handed me my last week's paycheck torn into a million little pieces. The culprit, Sophie was standing next to him with smiling eyes, tounge sticking out and wagging her tail. Before I cried, because you best believe I cried for my torn paycheck; I scolded Sophie like never before. After I collected myself, I accepted the fact that I was partly at fault. To make a long story short, the bank teller was able to tape back my check and deposit it into my account. Oh Sophie, how I love you :) 

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