Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meet Sophie six month old Pomeranian puppy. She's my first pet and I love her dearly. As a child I didn't grow up with pets. My parents said caring for animals was a great responsibility--a permanent one that must be taken serious. At the time I didn't fully understand what they meant by that, but now as a fur-parent, the message is clear: pet ownership is a serious lifelong commitment. Getting "rid" of an animal because he or she is misbehaving or having occasional potty accidents are poor excuses that are used by many owners as a way to "rid" themselves of the responsibility they volunteered for. 

I'll be perfectly frank, that first full day I took care of Sophie, I was a somewhat disillusioned and frustrated. I had an adorable ten-week old fur-baby peeing and pooping what seemed like every 5 minutes. I couldn't take her out of her kennel for more than a few minutes before she caused some kind of mischief. One thing is researching and reading about caring for puppies but it is an entirely different thing to experience the mischief taking place in front of your eyes. Suddenly, Sophie's irresistible cuteness was clouded by her destructive puppy shenanigans. Despite the heavy dose of reality that had just bitch slapped me across the face, never did I once consider getting "rid" of Sophie when she was being house broken; because the truth of the matter is, I was frustrated with myself far more than I was with my fur-baby. Sophie was just being a puppy. There was nothing wrong with her; like a human child she needs guidance and as a fur-parent it is MY responsibility to provide her with that guidance. I realized that I had to buckle down and take her needs with a large degree of seriousness. Pets are non disposable living creatures that need us for survival, it won't always be puppies and rainbows (the name of my blog! :D) it'll be frustrating and expensive from time to time, but providing for an animal is a rewarding, kind and selfless act that positively shapes the lives of animals.  

(ps my intent wasn't to make this entry so somber, I promise my other entries will be more.....cheerful :) ) 

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